Tony Price: Storyteller, Storykeeper

Welcome to Living to Tell the Tale, the website of Tony Price.

Today is Wednesday December 07, 2016

In this site you'll find some of what I've written about the way life is in this little bit of 21st century Britain. Here is also my blog: Storyteller's World: "It's about the Story, storytelling, a love of computing, being a Microsoft refuser, and being a vicar in the Church of England." (In other words, all the things the rest of my site is about, but kind of more up to the second.) The Vicar stuff is because I am Vicar of Marston with Elsfield. This is what I do for a living, but I do it for love too. In fact, if you don't do something for love, what's the good of doing it at all? (Jesus said something like that.)

I chose Godspell as my domain name, because the thing that makes life a gift worth celebrating, is enlisting in the company of that God-sent Clown who brings joy into the world and defeats the devil with laughter. And defeats the religious killjoys the same way. If you share some of my enthusiasms, let me know.

In the side bar there's a short guide to navigating the site, and a list of some recent(ish) new pages. Each link should take you to the main page for that section, which will then take you further. Enjoy!