An Evangelist

Had my hair cut today. I didn’t manage to get it done before Christmas: apologies to all those who were traumatised by having to watch a mad-haired vicar perform all over the Christmas services and events.

The woman who cut my hair talked with great enthusiasm and conviction about the slimming club and programme she belonged to. She waxed poetical: “You should try their recipe for Diet Coke Chicken: it’s like a party in your mouth!” I hazarded a guess: Is that Slimming World? And it was.

There is something about Slimming World that makes its adherents powerful advocates. It was just the same when Alison lost 3 1/2 stone, when she was doing the programme: we couldn’t stop telling people about it, how good it was, how much it had changed our lives.

Today, as then, I wondered why it is that Christians find it so hard to talk about the difference Jesus makes. If we can say, “You really should try Slimming World - it’s changed my life” - why can’t we say, “You really should try Jesus - he’s changed my life!”?

Written on December 30, 2015