Learning to shave again Part 2

So we’re now 10 days in to the new era of shaving, and the learning goes on as I practise wet shaving again, and read more about it on the Internet.

My first excursion into the world of online shaving sites was to subscribe to The Bearded Colonel, where I ordered a first batch of four blades. These come with the handle, and a nice tin to keep them in. They are five-bladed razors, which is one more than I’ve been used to before. I also ordered a badger shaving brush and a 60ml tin of shaving cream with the Taylors of Old Bond Street brand name. It’s the brush and shaving cream which has been the real revelation here, when I’ve only been used to shaving foam or gel before this. Not only is it fun to whip up a good lather and brush it on my face, it also feels good, smells good and gives a nice close shave.

However I read that the multi-blade razors which are in vogue at present can cause extra razor burn because they scrape your skin more times than you really need. There are a lot of shavers who prefer the more traditional method of using a safety razor with double-edged blades. The initial outlay for the razor may be a bit more, but over the course of a year, the cost is less than that of buying cartridges.

See for example: Why traditional double-edge shaving is better than modern day shaving

So, I have ordered from The Shaving Shack:

Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor for £25.99 10 Derby Extra and 10 Israeli Made Double Edged Razor Blades for £4.69 and free gift: The Bluebeards Revenge™ Luxury Shaving Cream 20ml Sample Total: £33.68

Can’t wait for these to arrive so I can try them out. I’m trying to remember whether I used a safety razor and DE blades when I started shaving as a teenager, or whether we were already beginning to use cartridges - which back then probably only had a double blade. (It was even before Mach3.)

See The Safety Razor Company

And this looks like a good supplier for all sorts of stuff:

The Traditional Shaving Company

Possibly more up-market is

Executive Shaving but they produce a nice little instruction manual on shaving: Dr Shave’s Book of Shaving

And this video: Learn How To Shave With A Safety Razor

And they claim to have the largest range of shaving products for sale online.

Meanwhile I also scoped Frederick Tranter’s shop on the High here in Oxford, who have a small display of shaving things: razors, blades, shaving brushes and cream. But mostly they sell cigars and pipes, so the shaving gear was in a closed display case. And there was a queue. I guess I’ll be using one or other of the online stores after all.

Written on February 13, 2016