Learning to shave again

It felt like it was time for a new face; but disappointingly it turned out to be the same old one.

a new face

Or in other words, I got fed up with the beard (though not with not having to shave) and decided to get rid of it.

As I do this, I realise that I have probably spent more of my adult life not shaving than shaving. It feels like I have to learn how to shave all over again, and make the same kind of decisions I’ve made in the past and which may have become obsolete.

Do I go back to using an electric shaver like I did for the last several years before I grew the most recent beard? It generally involved less blood than using a blade, but never seemed to get as close a shave. Or, do I take the plunge of wet shaving again? (More blood, closer shave…)

So as ever my first stop for research is the World Wide Web. Since I last shaved, it seems, a whole swathe of online subscription shaving services has grown up:


Yeah, but all the choice! Makes it so hard to know which of them to go for.

Written on February 2, 2016