On bringing the Bible to life

Much as I love Bible Society, I’m still struggling with their present emphasis on what they call ‘bringing the Bible to life’.

Their latest sally is a little Christmas booklet called The WELL GOOD News of Christmas. (‘We hope that this fresh retelling brings the story to life for all ages’)

Here’s the beginning of the page I opened at random:

Now inside Mary a baby was growing
And Joseph stared at the baby bump showing,
A bit worried about how the baby got there
Joseph scratched his head and twizzled his hair.

On top of that there was another worry,
They had to walk to Bethlehem in a bit of a hurry.

On the previous spread we find the Annunciation brought to life:

So it happened one day (or maybe in the night?)
An angel came to Mary, and gave her quite a fright.

Don’t be afraid
Get scared or jump,
God’s going to give you a big belly bump.

Your belly bump’s a baby
And he will be the great one
Why not call him Jesus?
He really is God’s son!

Clearly contemporary culture has left me behind some while back. But if this is what does it for you, by all means get online and buy it.

And may the Bible (which never has been dead, please) really live for you, this Christmas.

Written on November 18, 2016