Rubbish liturgy

We’ve been working at the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; not with a joint act of ecumenical lowest-common-denominator worship, but with the opportunity within our Churches Together group to attend one another’s regular times of prayer during the week. Instead of a boring mishmash, we see the diversity of each other’s lives and prayer. So, this evening we shared in Orthodox Vespers at St Nicholas the Wonderworker in Ferry Road.

All this has been (is being) great. Very different from the bit of liturgy prepared by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland that we used at Chapter this lunchtime.

It included this prayer:

Lord Jesus, Lord of wholeness, your prayer for unity amongst your disciples has fallen on closed ears and on hard hearts. Forgive us our closed ears, forgive us our hard hearts which perpetuate suspicion, prejudice and division… and so on and on.

Does this make any sense at all? Jesus’ prayer fell on his Father’s closed ears and hard heart? What the…? Jesus was praying not to the Father but to Christians down the ages? What the double… ?

It makes me wonder not only why CTiBI doesn’t employ anyone who can write prayers that mean anything, but whether the people they employ even READ what they write.

Thank God for the Anglican Daily Office, Orthodox Vespers, URC prayer meeting, and the rest.

Written on January 20, 2016