You Never Know Who's Reading

Well. I didn’t think anyone would find, let alone read, this little, still ‘experimental’ blog, with its musings so far largely about taking up wet shaving again, after so many years of wearing a beard, and later (after some years of cartridge blade shaving, using shaving gel) using an electric shaver.

But the thing about the internet is, that if you put something out there, it is published. That means, anyone who finds it can read it, and there’s no way you can control who that might be.

Well, I know Bradley of the Personal Barber found it and read it, because he sent me an email, drawing my attention to his wet shaving subscription service. I’ve had a first look at it and it’s interesting and promising. I might well visit it again when I’ve used my current supplies.

For a monthly subscription, you get a new box of shaving supplies delivered each month. The first month’s box contains a safety razor, brush, soap and blades; subsequent boxes contain a variety of different supplies (blades, soap, pre- and after-shave treatments) which are not easily obtainable on the High Street. They come from all around the world, ant the object is not only to give the shaver an opportunity to try out different products, but also to keep shaving ‘fun’

At the moment I still have a lot of supplies I’ve ordered online from elsewhere, but I might try Personal Barber again when I’ve nearly finished those current supplies.

Written on March 22, 2016