A vision (Not in any good way)

I had a vision at the breakfast table this morning. It was a vision of a world in which most of the people, most of the time, go around pretending to be stupider, duller, less noble, less spiritual, more fearful and hateful, than they really are.

And it seemed to me that this exactly is the world we are living in now. It’s why we dumb things down, because we think everyone else is as dull and stupid as we are. It’s why we can’t distinguish between truth and lies, so we vote for people and policies that will harm rather than heal us. It’s why we offer and accept a culture of worthless celebrity, and popular entertainment that appeals to our basest interests and appetites.

There was a time when people aspired to be wise, to live better lives, to improve their spirit and intelligence; a time when wisdom and beauty and mystery were recognised and valued and sought after. Now knowledge, experience and expertise are despised. Elites of every kind are derided and debunked, unless they are the worthless elites of wealth, class, or fame.

I don’t like this world of my vision. I much prefer that other world I heard of long ago, the world in which the values of Spirit are held dear. You might think I am hankering after a more godly, God-filled world. But it is also a world that is more humane. That will be no surprise.

Written on February 20, 2017