In the 2000s there’s been a glut of Christian organisations rebranding themselves and coming up with trendy new names. The idea seems to be that the original names sound old-fashioned and unappealing. The problem is that the trendy new names seldom tell you what the organisation actually does. Worse still, when they do convey something, it often sounds like an in-joke for those who get it.

Thus, Scripture Gift Mission (which was probably about giving Scriptures to people?) is now SGM Lifewords. The Pocket Testament League still goes by that name in most countries, but in the UK it calls itself Bridge-builders, though it’s nothing to do with civil engineering. I’ve just learned that The Hour of Revival is now SpeakLife. Sometimes it’s OK: it’s a good thing that the YMCA, no longer just for the young, or men, or Christians I suppose, is rebranded as The Y. (Conveys an air of questioning: WHY?) But mostly I rather miss the old names which actually identified what the thing was about.

Still, in a spirit of keeping up with the times, I’m giving some thought to further name changes. Perhaps Mission Aviation Fellowship could become FlyBoys? Bible Society, with its new strap-line of Bringing The Bible To Life, is surely crying out to be renamed 2Life? (Though personally I would prefer 2Edge, cf Hebrews 4.12)

And what about the Church of England, with its increasing air of becoming an aggregate of congregational churches? My suggestion for the rebrand - which maybe I need to patent before General Synod gets any ideas about pinching it - is AnythingGoes.

Anyone else like to contribute good ideas?

Written on December 24, 2016